Keep Track of All Cargo Transits and Easily Plan Lift Sequences

Deck Planner

  • Shows location of CCUs in real-time.
  • Plans and communicates lifting sequences to the crane.
  • Sends events to subscribers on CCU movements.

Site Observer

  • Identifies and tracks CCU locations.
  • Builds and maintains 3D models of platform decks and vessel decks
  • Shares CCU events with customer logistics system.

CCU Portal

  • Detects CCU's arriving and leaving at gates
  • Takes pictures of the CCU's
  • Creates a visual ID for further tracking

Lift Reporter

  • Shows the lifting tasks planned with the Deck Planner.
  • Highlights which CCU to lift, and exactly where to place it.
  • Shows special procedures for dangerous goods.

Digital Logistics

Digital Logistics

Keep an overview of all cargo transits between onshore base, platforms, rigs and supply vessels. The Deck Planner allows easy overview of cargo and deck, and allows planning lift sequences with intuitive drag and drop interface in the web browser. The Crane monitor integrates with the Deck Planner, and shows the lifting sequences live on the screen. The sensor technology is automatically registering the location of the cargo on deck of the vessels and rigs. The location data can be integrated and automatically updated in the customer logistics system, and is shown in real-time in the Deck Planner. This will reduce the need for manual registrations and tagging of CCUs (Cargo Carrying Unit).


The cargo is tracked using computer vision, utilising unique features for each container, such as size, marks and corrosion. Similar methods are used in other industries for facial recognition and fingerprint identification. The containers do not need visual codes or letters, and no electronic tags are required.

Cost Savings

  • CCU-location is updated automatically in real-time
  • Fewer internal lifts on platforms and rigs
  • Better planning and actual execution of plans
  • Better utilisation of loading decks
  • Immediate alerts when goods arrive or are late
  • Avoid searching of goods
  • Avoid wrongful returns of goods

Horizon 2020

The mother company of Digital Logistics; VOCA, was granted support by the European Commmission through the SME Instrument. The vision of the Optilift project was to upscale, pilot and commercialise our unique toolset, and Digital Logistics AS is a spin-off from this completed project.

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